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pcdc lipolysis - lipodissolve

PCDC Lipolysis

PCDC Lipolysis: What Is It?

PCDC Lipolysis, also known as lipolysis or mesotherapy, is a combination of phosphatidylcholine deoxycholic acid (PCDC) and Lipodissolve. A naturally occurring substance in the body called deoxycholic acid helps with the digestion and absorption of dietary fat. The PCDC Lipolysis procedure aims to decrease and eliminate extra fat cells.

What Good Does It Do?

After being injected into the tissue, the medication obliterates the cell membrane, resulting in lysis. The body's natural processes break down and discard the medicine once it has been absorbed by the fat cells, which have momentarily become inflamed and hardened.

Which regions are treatable?

PCDC Lipolysis is delivered by means of tiny injections that are placed regionally beneath the skin in the intended treatment locations. The submental (double chin) and other tiny locations where unwelcome fat is present are currently treated with this procedure.

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Do I Make a Good Candidate?

Patients who like a non-invasive fat removal procedure should consider PCDC lipolysis. Good general health and reasonable expectations are requirements for candidates. Excellent prospects are those who are at a weight that is pretty constant and don't intend to gain a lot of weight. Both pregnancy and nursing are prohibited for candidates.

Your Appointment

We will look at the regions during your appointment where you want to get rid of extra fat. In order to make sure you can receive the PCDC lipolysis treatment safely, we will review your medical history.


Based on the body parts you are concerned about and the amount of fat you want to reduce, we will develop the best treatment strategy. We will outline the course of therapy, including the approximate cost of the complete course of treatment as well as the number of injections required for each treatment region.


It is possible to receive specific instructions, such as modifying or stopping a certain medications. We will address all of your worries before scheduling your treatment sessions so you may decide on your fat loss objectives with confidence.


After treatment, the patient is free to return home. After the surgery, there may be a brief period of stinging (less than 30 minutes). While some patients can resume their jobs, others will require one to two days of rest and healing. During recovery or the first week, patients may feel brief redness, itching, swelling, or bruising.

Along with the plan for the following treatment session, specific aftercare instructions will be given.

What Does PCDC Lipolysis Cost?

The price of PCDC Lipolysis injections vary according on the quantity and strength required to allay your concerns. Once your treatment plan has been created, pricing information will be given to you at your consultation.

Set Up a Consultation

Would you like to learn more about PCDC Lipolysis? If so, get in touch with Rache Clinic to schedule your thorough consultation and begin the process of getting rid of bothersome stubborn fats.

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