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NAD Therapy

Benefits of NAD Treatment

A lot of people don’t know the benefits of NAD Therapy, Well here is what you need to know:

How Your Body Uses It (and Why It Declines with Age)

Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide is described as a “helping molecule” because it binds to other enzymes and causes reactions in the body that have positive outcomes on your health.

Other factors that make this coenzyme so important for healthy aging include its effects on sirtuin “anti-aging” proteins, mitochondrial activity, and involvement in regulating oxidative stress (a cause of many chronic diseases) and circadian rhythms (our “internal clocks”).

According to an article published in Scientific America, “A prominent theory of aging holds that decaying of mitochondria is a key driver of aging.”

As mitochondria lose some of their power, this seems to contribute to diseases and symptoms tied to aging, including heart failure, cognitive decline/neurodegeneration and fatigue.


Mitochondria are specialized structures found in cells. They participate in many cellular processes, including helping to extract the energy that is stored in nutrients and transforming it into a form of energy that can power the body’s cells.

Get scheduled now! and feel the difference of Super Anti-Aging Effect of NAD Infusion.

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